Ocean Grove
All midweek sessions are located at Shell Road Reserve Soccer Pitches.
Free parking, water fountains, and toilets close by.

Barwon Heads
Saturday mornings our super sweat session is located in Barwon Heads, next to the Barwon Heads bridge. This special location is only meters from the water which makes do for the best post sesh dip.
Car parking, toilets & water fountains within 50m of the site.

 See below Mindbody timetable & please book through this portal.


A combination of both body and resistance weight exercises teamed with high tempo bursts of cardio to get the heart rate pumping, increase muscular endurance, build lean muscle and burn fat efficiently. HIIT LEAN combines some of our HIIT Fast and Strong methods for variability and fun!
$15 casual

This training style focuses on power, speed and agility and is designed to improve sports performance. However, FAST is certainly not limited to athletes as this fun sprint + strength combination is also incredibly effective for burning fat, alongside improving running economy.

STRONG incorporates higher %RM weights into interval training methods with slightly longer recovery periods. Similar to HRV (high volume training) this session is more metabolically demanding and elicit greater strength and hypertrophy gains than HIIT LEAN/FAST.
Additionally, HIIT Strong involved very little running or high intensity cardio, which some of you might love to hear ;).

Low impact interval training (LIIT) is designed for those with injuries, and/or older populations who may have various limitations to exercise. LIIT ensures the safety and appropriate training prescription for those with special considerations and is designed to build muscle, coordination, strength and functional fitness. We also welcome beginners into this class too.
*Maximum 8 per group.
$15 casual

The perfect return to exercise class for Mum’s Postpartum with safe, progressive and personalised group fitness classes.
This is specifically available for Mums cleared by their physician to commence exercise from 8 weeks postpartum (at the earliest) up to any Mum with young kids (3 yrs) looking to train with the kids around!
Enquire via email now to secure a spot, hear launch date and prices, and prescreening questionnaire!

We are open to taking on new casual clients over the summer period (and always!) to get fit while on holidays at the Surf Coast, so why not give us a buzz and book a sesh for yourself or with a few mates? 

We offer a range of private training both indoors and outdoors & personalised coaching programs:

Private 1 on 1
Private Small Group 2-5
Mum’s & Bubs Small Group Class
Personalised Online Training Programs
Personalised Run Coaching Programs & 1:1

Please email us directly for prices!