Tips to Staying on Track Through Winter

BRRRRRR... It's getting chilly now. 
That's not an excuse to get slouchy and sloppy. 

We get it, sometimes the weather puts us in a mood to rug up, stay indoors and hibernate.
But if you're not staying on track with your fitness & health goals throughout the season, you'll be unwilling surprised with how quick summer rolls around.

It felt like we blinked and it was winter, and the same will happen with summer.
But lucky we know you are smarter than that and won't get yourself in that situation, will you?


  • Commit with a mate.
    Rally a troop, book into a sesh & get moving! It's always better with people.

  • Set goals.
    What do you want to achieve by the end of winter? Why do you want to achieve them? How will you feel when you achieve them? How will you feel if you don't achieve them?

  • Set the bar a little lower.
    This might sound silly, but think about what you can commit to training-wise on a shit week, and go with that. Can only train twice. Great. Two is the magic number, and anything more than that is a win.

  • Train at home.
    Train The HIIT Project at home anytime/anywhere with our online coaching programming app.(SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!)
    Details here

  • Rug up & get out!
    Simple, effective, and it makes getting out so much more bearable!
    (I could also say, don't be so precious., But I don't think that would go down as well).

  • Reach out for help. 
    Need a kick up the bum? Shoot us an email.

Don’t get in a funk through winter guys, we’re smarter than that remember!